Nature’s gems on blades of grass

Dew drops sparkling on a thin blade of grass expose the elemental beauty of nature that continues to fascinate us. The intimately familiar, yet still charming, shape of dew drops inspired this collection with its precise details. Lit by an internal light source offering an exceptional aesthetic experience, the crystal objects, with hints of iridescence, adhere tightly to hand-sewn bands from an innovative material.


Bomma Dew Drops Lighting
Dew Drops Lighting Collection

About the Dew Drops Collection

The BOMMA Dew Drops Collection will surprise you with its variable installation possibilities and the option to create unique compositions in space. The result is always a distinct and artistic installation, the centrepiece gleaming from every angle of an interior.

Bomma Dew Drops Lighting
Dew Drops Lighting Collection

bomma dew drops

Iridescent Metal-Coating

Vegan Leather

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