The perfect optics of pure crystal

The Bomma Lens in smoke and amber features natural shades that will fill an interior with ambient light, creating a pleasant atmosphere.  The newly expanded collection includes two colour variations – Smoke as a perpetuation of a fleeting moment and symbol of mystery and Amber as a precious honey-gold gemstone.


As well as in the rest of the Lens collection, both colours are hand-painted in the Bomma glassworks. These hypnotic lights can be arranged in various groups – from small compositions to large constellations.

Bomma Pebbles

About the Lens Collection

Light refracted through a lens is the fundamental principle of optics. Here, two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their interior source, playing a symphony of lights. Classic clear crystal is offset by a single color that highlights its refraction. A hypnotic design, asking only unique composition and arrangement.

Pebbles Collection
Pebbles Collection

bomma lens

lens – single pendant 
(red / white / clear / amber / smoke)

lens – chandelier 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 
(red / white / clear / amber / smoke)

lens – chandelier round 26 
(mixed colours)

lens – chandelier square 26 
(mixed colours)

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