The ERCO Light Factory in Lüdenscheid is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology. The family business founded in 1934, now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working closely with architects, lighting designers and engineers, ERCO develops lighting tools for customised lighting solutions in architectural projects for culture and retail, work and hospitality, life and public buildings. ERCO understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture.

Lighting Solutions


The debate concerning attractive, creatively stimulating and flexible office worlds is in full swing but a considerable part of office equipment is still observed quantitatively – the lighting. Although light is of essential importance in knowledge-orientated work environments that focus on people: light can significantly contribute to the quality of the room and support dialogue and concentration. We show you what lighting concepts look like that meet the needs of a dynamic, digitally networked knowledge society.


Each of individual spheres of work are now provided with suitable lighting thanks to the possibilities of high-quality LED lighting, without having to compromise in terms of visual experience and the conservation of art. Design possibilities with light in museums and galleries are however not only limited to the display of art. We show you how light is able to upgrade exhibition spaces to become qualitative cultural brands – ranging from the exhibition and sculpture garden to the shop and café.


In this era of online shopping the innate strength of over-the-counter retailing is to be found in the real, spatial experiencing of brands and merchandise. Light not only presents the products but also determines the atmosphere, and therefore strengthens the direct shopping experiences. Light is presented in seductive or tempting ways according to the season to arouse new emotions with regard to merchandise. The unique presentation of the space and its products with use of light provides an essential component in its dialogue with customers.


What binds our society together, allows it to function and makes it worth living? Not least the communal buildings in which people as visitors, citizens or politicians move, gather and exchange information. Buildings for public administration, educational facilities, theatre, congress centres, railway stations and airports. Care and quality in all planning aspects are decisive. Light assumes much more than just functional tasks – it also determines the character and representative symbolic force of public buildings.



The language of light is cross-cultural. But more than its use as a way of creating places to enjoy, light in any religion is a distinct symbol of the devine. Light in sacred places creates a contemplative atmosphere for religious meetings. Be it churches, mosques, temples or synagogues: accentuated light helps to direct the attention to essential things. ERCO illuminates historic places of worship and modern chapels using light to produce a separate, timeless language.


Designing the places in which we live deserves our full attention, as they mirror our attitude to life and provide a place of refuge from everyday life. Working, eating, reading, sleeping, playing, thinking – hardly any other place combines such diversity of functions on so small a space as the place in which we live. ERCO lighting solutions bring this flexibility to any situation. Wallwashers, ceiling washlights and downlights in a compact shape make room to live even in confined spaces – with brilliant and warm LED light reliably creating an atmosphere of individuality and wellbeing.


Parks, public places, monuments and façades shape the face of a city at night with their illumination. Their light provides orientation for diverse user groups, contributes to safety, enhances spatial details through accentuation, and creates atmosphere. ERCO lighting tools for the outdoor area are designed to define urban space after dark with exceptionally efficient LED light and are optimally shielded to recede unobtrusively into the background.


Gastronomy projects today are a testing ground and platform for new ideas, concepts and trends: The promise of exquisite cuisine is underlined by an interior of unique character. Be it design hotels, themed restaurants or temporary bars: Every concept applied to gastronomy requires a scenic frame to carry and communicate the relevant theme. ERCO provides architectural lighting solutions with a diversity of scenographic options for room situations that convey enjoyment and pleasure.

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ERCO has reconsidered lighting in every possible aspect for the digital era – from light generation and light guidance through to light control. Based entirely on LED technology, our updated catalogue presents lighting designers with a highly versatile range of LED lighting tools for comprehensive architectural concepts of lighting design in indoor and outdoor areas.






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Featured Projects

Be it fashion store, law firm, art gallery or administration building: project reports and case studies offer insight into the latest ERCO lighting projects around the globe – with a huge photo gallery illustrating the possibilities of qualitative lighting design with LED.