Much of our work at Light Journey is focused on creating subtle light-scapes, with the intention of drawing the eye to our design partners’ work. Every once in a while, our partners demonstrate a product so special, we believe it deserves to be the centre of attention.  We’ve picked out a few of our favourite creative lighting systems that blur the line between a tangible light fixture and an unforgettable visual experience.
Coelux HT25 Creative Lighting System

Artificial Daylight with

Coelux invites you to experience the sky, indoors.  The Coelux HT25 is an artificial daylight system that reproduces the natural appearance of a blue sky, leading you to feel as if you are standing below a sunroof.  This extremely unique product is the result of over a decade of research and dozens of patents from a team at the University of Insubria located in Como, Itlay.
Bomma Constellation Creative Lighting System

Light, Art, and Traditional Craft with
BOMMA Constellations

A BOMMA Constellation commands attention as an artistic lighting sculpture. Handcrafted by Bohemian glass artisans, constellations are customisable and can be made according to the specifications of the design team.  From smaller customised chandeliers to major lighting installations, designers working with BOMMA have complete freedom to express their creative visions.
Philips Luminous Textile Creative Lighting System

Dynamic Content with
Philips Luminous Textile

Seamlessly integrating coloured LEDs within fabric panels, the Luminous Textile by Philips is a light and a design platform with infinite opportunities.  Bring spaces to life with dynamic video content that can be downloaded free of charge from Philips’ library of content, or personalise a video experience using the free app.  Luminous Textiles come in various sizes and may be mounted on either wall or ceiling.

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