Retail Lighting


This is a simple e-Book to share the basics and general view about Retail Design, the content of which were gathered from various resources and given credit for their sharing. Kindly give them the credit whenever you want to re-use the content for any other purpose.


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People do not buy goods and services. They buy retail ions, stories and magic

Light Distributions

Targetti luminaire

Windows are the first impression

Shop Window Lighting


What’s inside



The importance of lighting to retail shop


Lighting by area

Shop Window – Display – Shelve – Mannequin – Fitting Room – Relaxing – Checkout Desk


Lighting for retail shop

Enhance Experience – Optimise Operations – Build Brand


Retail Lighting Ideas

Ideas from Brand Partners

About Light Journey.

We perceive Light as an intangible mystery, having the ability to evoke emotions. The right lighting is fundamental to any space whether it is in your home, a building or a public area. While light has practical importance, it is also important to discover and appreciate its creative potential. It dynamically defines the spaces we use, creating light and shadow while giving a sense of comfort.

Conscious of how light subtly interacts with the use of materials to enhance the experience of a space, we hope that our lighting products and solutions can help to transform your design ideas into a lighting statement.

Our mission as a distributor/supplier is to cultivate the appreciation of LIGHT for the betterment of human experience.



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