3F Filippi
3F FILIPPI – 3F Filippi S.p.A. has been working in the lighting industry since 1952, with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing technical and efficient lighting systems. Its products are fully designed and manufactured exclusively in its plants in Pian di Macina, in the Bologna district, and proudly carry “Made in Italy” to more than fifty countries, through its sales network. 3F Filippi is ISO 9001-certified also for the lighting design and works alongside the best lighting designers to provide its customers with a quality of light in line with the latest regulations, assuring performance results especially in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, providing customized solutions
astro Logo
ASTRO Founded in 1997, John Fearon and James Bassant came together to create Astro with a shared commitment to British lighting design and a passion for quality and precision. Astro’s creative ethos has remained consistent throughout – that good design demands simplicity.
Bomma Logo

BOMMA – Founded in 2012, Bomma continually brings the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new and dynamic levels. With centuries of glassmaking tradition in East Bohemia behind us, we are now advantaged by a rich pool of talent and top-level skills. Instead of simply maintaining these traditions, Bomma moves a step beyond and sets today’s highest standards of glassmaking.

Bomma’s master craftsmen are backed by some 300 enthusiastic team members in a new and ultra-modern production facility that thrives on in-house technology. Bomma produces 6 tons of refined extra-clear crystal each and every day. Their high-tech bespoke machinery for precise melting and measuring allows our craftsmen reach their maximum potential for manual finishing, enhancing what was always great and making it splendid. Their designed-to- purpose technology lends itself to otherwise unachievable customization and color-blending.

Brownie Logo
BROWNIE – Brownie Ecotronics Pte Ltd Founded in 2012 with great passion and belief in designing and manufacturing professional architectural LED lighting. The company believes that LEDs are not just about providing illumination, but rather by using the right fixtures with proper design, it can significantly enhance the lighting effect and quality. Brownie Ecotronics is able to achieve optimal performance and product quality by leveraging on their vast knowledge and experience in electrical and electronics. The company is committed in product improvement and development of lighting fixtures that not only satisfy but also loved by their customers.

CoeLux – CoeLux is an optical system based on nanotechnology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky to improve the comfort of anyone who does not get enough sunshine. The technology is compatible with low-consumption fluorescent lamps or LED’s, being less demanding in terms of source quality. It has been designed with a focus on the healthcare industry, but can have multiple applications including underground transport, office and industrial environments

ERCO – The ERCO Light Factory in Lüdenscheid is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology. The family business founded in 1934, now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working closely with architects, lighting designers and engineers, ERCO develops lighting tools for customised lighting solutions in architectural projects for culture and retail, work and hospitality, life and public buildings. ERCO understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture.
Metalarte Logo
METALARTE, founded in 1932, is a pioneer in the lighting market which has maintained a commitment to innovation and new creative values for over fifty years. In the sixties and seventies it renewed its catalogue and started working with external designers. In the eighties and nineties it incorporated the next generation of professionals, while starting its international business expansion. Currently the company is part of the Luxiona Group (along with the Troll and Sagelux brands) and continues to renew its collaborations so that the list of designers linked to Metalarte is extensive and highly representative of the best creativity of today: George W. Hansen, André Ricard, Enric Franch, Josep Lluscà, Estudi Blanc, Josep Aregall, Oscar and Sergi Devesa, Antoni Arola, Lievore Altherr Molina, Ricard Ferrer, Héctor Serrano, Jordi Llopis, Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Otto Canalda and Ramón Úbeda.
Muuto Logo
MUUTO – Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterised by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and an honest expression. Working across table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, and wall lamps, the Muuto collection of lighting is designed with forward-thinking functionalities at its heart, allowing you to adjust each design to the unique atmosphere of any space.
SIGNIFY – Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Their energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services enable customers to enjoy a superior quality of light and make people’s lives safer and more comfortable, and businesses more productive and cities more liveable.
TARGETTI – Targetti has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures since 1928. For ninety years their products have been the epitome of innovation, research and attention to detail; they light the most prestigious artistic and architectural works of art, create atmospheres and arouse emotions. What they are today is the result of the experience and know-how they have acquired over time that they share with their partners and the environment we live in through their passion for light.