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Targetti – Targetti has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures since 1928. For ninety years their products have been the epitome of innovation, research and attention to detail; they light the most prestigious artistic and architectural works of art, create atmospheres and arouse emotions. What they are today is the result of the experience and know-how they have acquired over time that they share with their partners and the environment we live in through their passion for light.

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Targetti Zedge Series

Zedge Series

Targetti Mr. BO

Mr. BO

Targetti Dart Series

Dart Series

Targetti FortyEight Series

FortyEight Series

Targetti Zeno Series

Zeno Series

Targetti Keplero Series

Keplero Series

Targetti Coro Series

Coro Series

Targetti OZ Series

OZ Series

Featured Projects

Museum Lighting Design by Targetti - Confucius Museum Project


Project: Confucius museum

Art Exhibition Lighting Design by Targetti - Chapelle du College


Project: Chapelle du Collège

Historical and Sacred Building Lighting Design by Targetti - Salone dei Cinquecento Project


Project: Salone dei Cinquecento, Italy

Church Lighting Design by Targetti - The Cathedral of Santo Eccehomo Project


Project: The Cathedral of Santo Eccehomo, Colombia

Penthouse Lighting Design by Targetti - Bogota Project


Project: Penthouse – Bogotà

Cathedral Lighting Design by Targetti - Cattedrale Santa Maria Project


Project: Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta

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Project: Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles

Business Quarte Lighting Design by Targetti - Arma Business Quarte Project


Project: Arma Business Quarter – Moscow