Tailored luminaires for a circular economy

Signify is transforming the lighting industry with a revolutionary new technology that allows you to create tailored luminaires at a fraction of the cost of bespoke lighting. With 3D printing, you get a customised lighting solution while contributing to a sustainable future.  All luminaires are recyclable and specifically designed for a circular economy.

3d Printed Lighting Philips
Bomma Pyrite

Choose from a large range of colour combinations, transparency options and textures for nearly endless possibilities.


Because of local printing facilities, transport time is quick – lighting is printed and delivered in just four weeks, and installation is easy because the luminaires have been made to fit exact specifications.

Each soap mini is hand-blown without using a mold

Philips 3D Printed Luminaires ticks all the sustainability boxes. Materials for printing designs are made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate to maintain a fully green product lifecycle – from design to production.

Signify 3D Printed Luminaires

Customised components

Interested in customising a luminaire with Signify?

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