Lighting for House


Your house is the unique place where all your diverse worlds collide to form a harmonious symphony. Residential lighting is an intrinsic part of the feelings we nurture towards our homes. Given the different activities performed in an average household, it is imperative to ensure that your residential lighting is up to the challenge of multi-tasking. It is the only factor that determines whether you are able to utilise your cosy home to its full potential.

Mesmerised by House Illumination

Personalised Design

The quality and quantity of illumination should be determined by the lifestyle you lead and personal preferences. There are some who find dimly lit drawing rooms depressing while others will find it to be the definition of glamourous It should be a perfect balance between accent, ambient, decorative, and task types of light layering. The lighting scheme in your house should not be standardised.

Energy – Efficient

Of the total energy resources spent in your house, the lighting comprises between 12 and 15%. Lumen maintenance, daylight control and integration, lamp life, cost, system efficiency, flexibility and colour rendering are all factors that you should keep in mind before deciding on the kind of lighting suitable for your residence.

Smart Control

Use dimming controls proactively to suit the needs of fulfilling specific activities and instil diverse moods in a singular space.


The dynamic lifestyle of a modern-day homeowner necessitates that the house is perfect for both work and leisure purposes. Lighting – a key element that decides the vibe of a house – highlights your favourite corners and niches. It creates an inviting ambience that reinforces your needs from a particular space.

"A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life"

– Dalai Lama

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