Lighting for Retail Space


In this era of online shopping, providing customers with an unforgettable experience is paramount, as is the business bottom line. Retailers are exploring new ways to entice customers and improve their in-store experience. Light not only showcase the merchandize, it also determines the atmosphere in tempting ways according to the seasons to arouse new emotions and buying desires.
More than just a place to shop, a retail space has become a gathering place, an entertainment venue or even a destination. The unique presentation of the space and its merchandize with the creative use of light provides an essential component in its engagement with customers.


Mesmerised by Retail Lighting

Enhance Experience

CCreate a memorable in-store lighting experience to encourage browsing and stimulate buying desires Adopt smart lighting to guide shoppers and encourage exploration of the retail space via location based apps for mobile devices Create emotional, eye-catching and impactful lighting experiences

Optimise operations

Optimize space layout with customizable lighting system that can be adjusted easily Control and dimming systems ensure that the right lighting will be deployed when and where it is appropriate Change lighting scenes flexibly according to seasonal events or holiday

Build Brand

Start the brand story in the shop window with a dynamic lighting display Use dynamic lighting in the retail space to guide customers to specific areas and promotions Create a unique brand identity with customized lighting, and apply consistently over multiple stores.

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic."

– Seth Godin

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