Lighting for Sacred Space


The meaning of light is cross-cultural. Besides its primary usage as a tool to create places to enjoy, it is in a religious perspective a distinct symbol of the divine. In its application for such places, light creates a contemplative atmosphere during religious occasion. Whether it is a church, mosque, temple or synagogue, accentuated lighting operates to direct our attention to essential things.

Mesmerised by Sacred Lighting

The mystical aura

In religious context, light in the sacred buildings can be perceived as a presence of higher divinity. It brings on the splendor and magnificence of the buildings and the intended objects. This symbolic effect can be created by using the direction and the height of a hidden light source from above, thus creating a magical aura.

Sacred Lighting can create a mystical aura on a sacred building.
Sacred Lighting can help calm people

Light calms

Religious spaces offer a state of tranquil that draws people in, whether they are believers or tourists. Indirect lighting from ceilings and walls creates an impression of being in protection within the environment. Accent lighting attracts attention to the important parts of the architectural and ornamental elements. Visual comfort can be achieved via the adoption of luminaires with good glare control.

Optimize operation

  • Control and dimming systems ensure that the right lighting will be deployed when and where it is appropriate
  • Change lighting scenes flexibly according to the religious or seasonal setting.
Sacred Lighting optimizes operation

Light for Sacred Building

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"Faith is seeing light with your heart, when all your eyes see is darkness"
– Barbara Johnson

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