The purpose of architectural lighting design is to balance the characteristics of light within a space to optimise the intentional visual design. For the most part, architectural lighting fixtures are not meant to be seen, they are meant to hide amongst the design of the architect and highlight/shadow the exact areas that need attention. Architectural lighting requires a very technical skill set and level of experience to understand how the lighting can be tuned to enhance the visual environment.
Wall Mounted Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Dart Projector Light Medium
Keplero Wall Washer Uplight
Up Light
Cove Lighting
Suspended Light
Flood Light


Introducing Brand Partner, ModuleX

ModuleX joins Light Journey as a trusted brand partner, providing a collection of architectural lighting products to the team of LKHGC lighting specialists

Arola House | Facade & Landscape Lighting with Astro Products

Located in Northwood, England, the Arola House is a new build residence featuring contemporary, classical Italian design.

New Catalogue 2021 | 3F Filippi

3F Filippi has released their latest catalogue featuring a wide range of new products including the 3F Solo, the 3F Six R, and the L 340.

Museum & Gallery Lighting with ERCO

Museums and galleries require top quality lighting fixtures as well as a lighting scheme to best display the artifact, artwork, or experience. 

T21 Collection by Targetti

Targetti has released its its latest catalogue and debuted its T21 Collection, featuring a range of architectural lighting solutions.

ERCO Lichtbericht Magazine – 100 Issue Anniversary

44 years, 100 issues and countless stories about light, architecture and the minds behind it all: ERCO is celebrating the anniversary issue of Lichtbericht magazine.

Targetti Dart

The Targetti Dart range is designed in small, medium and maxi sized models, with a “compact and essential” design that integrates with any architectural environment.

Targetti Keplero

Targetti Keplero offers a range of recessed LED uplights, designed to suit the rigorous standards of outdoor landscaping lighting.

Press release: ERCO Offers Six Different LED Spectra For It’s Products

THE RIGHT WHITE FOR EVERY SITUATION   The colour temperature of a luminaire defines whether the white tone of its light has a neutral character, tends towards bluish cool or else is reddish warm. This fundamental quality of light is a major influence in how we...

Importance of Lighting | Natural & Artificial Lighting & architecture

In the past, our ancestors would use the sun to determine the time of the day. Today, there will always be the use of light regardless of day or night. It has come to the point, we underappreciate the light we have around us. The article will be covering the...

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