A complete range of recessed LED uplight solutions

Keplero Uplight

Targetti offers a complete collection of recessed LED uplights for multipurpose application under the Keplero range.  Keplero uplights come in two different sizes and are equipped with a wide variety of optical systems and White or RGBW LED sources with different lumen output for ultimate versatility and performance.


The product range has evolved, offering a larger selection, more durability, and higher performance.  The Keplero range continues to offer luminous distribution that can provide the ideal effect for any project.


Designed to suit the rigorous standards of landscaping lighting, every detail in Keplero has been studied to make the whole range strong, resistant to corrosion, waterproof, highly performing and versatile.


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Keplero Projects

Pebbles Collection
Pebbles Collection

Walt Disney Flagship Store

Shanghai, China

Keplero Gimbal Uplight
Keplero Gimbal

L.U.M.S.A University Library

Roma, Italy

Keplero Zoom Uplight

Keplero Zoom

L.U.M.S.A University

Rome, Italy

Keplero Zoom Uplight

Keplero Zoom


Verdi Showroom

Bogotá, Columbia

Keplero Mini GimbalUplight

Keplero Mini Gimbal

targetti keplero

zoom (regular / mini)
Ø280mm – Ø161mm

gimbal (regular / mini)
Ø280mm – Ø161mm

gimbal HP

wall washer


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