What is Artificial lighting – Artificial light is the electrically produced light, having different applications in the commercial and residential houses. You can find artificial lights in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and brightness level. This artificial lighting is useful not only for illumination but also for indoor gardening.

The modern artificial lights are available as halogen lamps, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, metal halide, and LED lights. These lighting systems emit photons as light energy.


Artificial lighting – Have a look back at the history-


Since the time of discovering a fire in the ancient age, human beings had constantly made efforts for inventing the brighter and better light sources. This has resulted in the invention of artificial lighting. The Mayor of London, in the year 1417, created legal rules that every house must use a lantern. We had found the use of candles and oil lamps during the 1700s. Now, when it was 1800s, the gaslighting system replaced oil lamps and candles. Sir Humphry Davy was first to invent a carbon arc lamp in the year 1809. During the 1800s, we had found lots of developments in these artificial lighting systems.

William D. Coolidge had designed Tungsten filament lamps in the year 1911. Those lamps had also undergone lots of refinements. Then, the later part of the 1950s was the era of halogen lights.

Let us share an interesting fact with you. James Biard and Gary Pittman accidentally discovered the LED light while working on the laser diode. These LED lights were useful as a type of indicator. Lots of scientists had continued researching on the LED technology. Then, Shuji Nakamura was the first to invent the blue light-emitting diode.


Importance of artificial lighting


Importance of artificial lighting

Importance of artificial lighting

Artificial lighting has its application for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Without proper lights, we cannot do our workout and move around during the nighttime. For lighting up the dark spaces in our house, artificial lights are much important.

Lighting used for commercial sites

For commercial purposes, we use lights as one of the promotional tools. The digital signage and billboards have an integrated small bulb for drawing the attention of any passers-by. Moreover, lights work as warning signs on highways. Lamp posts, installed on both sides of the road, help in preventing accidents. Moreover, as human beings, birds also need UV rays, and there are bulbs, providing UV spectrum.

Another reason behind using the light is entertainment. Lights create a different atmosphere in the theaters, nightclubs, and lots of other sites. The colorful lights add a level of vibrancy to the site. Furthermore, for any musical and other performances, lights are a must for creating a beautiful effect.


Combine natural lights with the artificial lights


Proper lighting is vital to any workplace and study room. Without the right intensity of light, your workers would have eyestrain. You may have a number of windows in your room. However, it is still essential to turn on artificial lights. Thus, to ensure higher productivity and better health, you can invest in the best quality artificial lights.

Artificial lighting trends

Corporate sectors, healthcare industry, and different other sectors have started realizing different benefits from lighting. They think of installing the best lighting systems for a positive effect on productivity, alertness, and health.

The researchers have found that light affects the non-visual and visual systems of our body. This electric light also has a relation to the circadian rhythm. Circadian lighting indicates a patter, where electric light retains human health with the reduction of electric light’s impact on the circadian rhythm of our body. Although the daylights are the best source of light, the circadian lights maintain the natural circadian rhythm of our body.

Another term used for this type of lighting is biophilic lighting. Biophilia- This term has a connection to the phrase- love of nature. Thus, we can relate it to the sustaining natural elements. You know that the sunrays control our physical processes for millennia. We are adapted to it to be healthy. Architects, homeowners, engineers, and businesses have started incorporating this type of lighting into the building design.

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You can find different other artificial lighting trends. For instance, in the big residences, there are chandeliers installed in the foyer and high-ceiling entryway. Some ceiling fans also come with integrated lights. Thus, modern artificial lights present you with lots of sophisticated choices. Look for the trendy designs for a unique lighting system.

Through the IoT technology, our lightings are customizable and controllable in real-time mode. For instance, we can connect the office lighting setup to the IT network of a building. The employees may easily manage the color temperature and light levels very easily by using the Smartphone. Moreover, modern lighting systems give you a better feel and do not cause any adverse effects on your health.


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