About Us

At Light Journey, we believe that lighting goes far beyond functionality. It can enhance an ambiance, invoke feelings, and draw the eye to notice the finest of details.

Our team of lighting specialists seek to understand the unique vision of your project.  From here, we customise a bespoke services and solutions package to manifest your dream lighting statement.  Extending far beyond a passive supplier, we favour being involved at the design stage and remain invested throughout the project timeline.  

Our Process

Serving the retail, public, industrial, retail, office, and hospitality sectors, we take a holistic approach to each individual project.  As the primary intermediary between global lighting manufacturers and the local design & construction industry, our role is constantly evolving as a project manager, lighting consultant, and technical lighting and solutions expert.  

1. Establish Design Intent

Involve us at the design phase and you’ll tap into our body of expertise, fuelled by a passion for light. We are available to recommend fixtures and offer luminaire design customisation for your projects.

2. Selection & Procurement

Drawing on our vast partner network, we customise a package of products and solutions that fit your lighting specifications.

3. Simulate & Mock-up

We assist in simulating lighting schemes on our professional design software, and creating visual mock-ups to offer our expertise in refining the final product.

4. Install & Supervise

At the build site, we are present to train contractors on proper installation techniques. In addition, we provide installation supervision to ensure the job is completed with precision.

5. Test & Commissioning

The final step of the journey. Assisting with the aiming of light fittings & adding the final finishing touches before handing over the project to the client.

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