New 3D Printed Lighting from Philips MyCreation

New 3D Printed Lighting Collections from Philips MyCreation

In the evolving landscape of sustainable design, 3D Printed Lighting stands out as a shining example of true innovation and environmental responsibility. Using a 100% recyclable polycarbonate material and up to 55% recycled materials, luminaires are designed to be recycled at the end of their lifecycle, fully supporting a circular economy. 

Philips MyCreation Grand Collection

Add a touch of sustainability and style to spaces with the Grand pendant collection.

Similar to the other 3D Printed Lighting offerings from Philips, the Grand Collection is fully configurable online, and the features a range of updated textures, colours, and shapes.  

Recognised at the prestigious IF Design Awards in 2023, the Grand Collection represents the best of innovation, design, and sustainability in one product.  

Philips MyCreation Jewels Collection  

The shapes in this collection of pendant lamps is as unique as the design; The rich reflective texture and the double layered casing that is finished to perfection in a transparent color with a chic accent. It therefore creates a bold and modern atmosphere in any interior.

The Philips MyCreation Jewels is the proud winner of the IF Design Award. The IF Design Award is a prestigious recognition for exceptional design, and winning it is proof of the hard work and creativity of a design team.

Philips MyCreation Spring Oasis* 

Crafted from repurposed water jugs commonly found in offices and homes for drinking water, the Spring Oasis collection embraces sustainability while showcasing the iconic jug shape and water-inspired textures, infusing any space with a welcoming ambiance.

The textures and colours mimic the soothing qualities of water- infusing a touch of nature into your business environment.   

* Not yet available in Asia 

Philips MyCreation Coastal Breeze*  

The Coastal Breeze collection is made from end-of-life fishing nets that fishermen from harbours on the coast of Cornwall bring to port and are collected there. This special collection empowers you to make a conscious choice without compromising on beauty.  

To honour the purposeful origin of the source material, as well as the ocean itself, these lamps have a coastal-inspired finish.

*Not yet available in Asia

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