Introducing Bomma Constellations

Bomma Constellation

Project your unique vision into space and create your own Bomma constellation

Handcrafted crystal lighting from Bomma Constellation frees creators, architects and designers to transform interiors. Project your boldest creative visions into space – from smaller compositions to immense constellations. Choose among three original collections: Dark & Bright Star, Lens or Soap Mini. Like distant stars, these seemingly small lighted objects are unique when stand-alone and even stronger in groups. Each individual pendant is remarkable in its aesthetics, quality, design and craft.

Like you, Bomma enjoys creative challenges. Contact us for a customized solution. We can take your idea to the next level. As a progressive glass manufacturer with our own highly modern production facility, we are able to create bespoke crystal components, based on your designs, and transform them into your final Bomma Constellation.

 Take a step beyond your expectations of contemporary glass design and craft.

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