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Customising a Lighting Fixture

Occasionally a project will require a truly unique lighting solution to fit the vision of the design specifier. Customised lighting fixtures are an attractive option that are that can fit any design requirement.  In this article, we will outline the types of fixture customisation available on the market and show some customisation solutions provided by our brand partners.  By the end of this article, you should know whether customisation a customised light fixture is right for you.

Types of Customised Lighting

Customising a lighting fixture ranges from minor tweaks to completely original designs.  These are some examples of customisations.


Changes to the specifications of existing products 



New Sizes or colours of existing products



Reconfiguration of an existing feature



Creation of a totally new shape or design


We will examine some case studies by our manufacturing partners, who have worked with lighting designers and specifiers to create a customised fixture to suit their project needs.

Case study: Bomma Stellar Dust at J&T Bank

A bespoke chandelier that tiptoes the line between light fixture and art 

Enter the J&T Bank in Prague, and you will be greeted by a stunning crystal and light constellation.  Conceptualised by a team of architects & designers and brought to life by the artisanal glassblowers & lighting designers from Bomma, Stellar Dust is an artistic masterpiece featuring 727 mouth blown crystal droplets.  The rolling cosmic waves sweep through the building’s interior, toying with the perception of space and beauty.  Everything from the intricate shape, to the electrical components were completely designed by the team at Bomma.  The resulting chandelier masterpiece is a 100% customised installation, and a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Case Study: Linealight Fixtures at Athens Airport

Developing an oversized version of an existing product 

Athens International Airport expanded their airport in 2020, adding a new building and undergoing a complete redevelopment of the lighting scheme. The intention of the design was to focus on the facade of the newly built structure by creating a "high impact" lighting effect, illuminating the night sky of Athens with a spectacular building. Linealight was engaged to provide the facade lighting solutions, and specifically developed an extra large version of the Paseo linear profile. Fondly nicknamed the Paseo Giga, the end product is the result of hard work and attention to detail.  The simple, elegant lines of the Paseo Giga may be controlled to display static or dynamic effects, bringing a truly striking, high-impact experience to all visitors of the Athens International Airport.

Case Study: Philips 3D Printed Pendant Lighting

Customised pendants for design flexibility

By utilising Philips' 3d Printed Lighting technology, Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijin is able to change out their pendant lamps quickly, cheaply, and most importantly, sustainably.  The 3d Printed Lights from Philips may be designed and prototyped online before they are sent to a factory to be printed with a recyclable polycarbonate plastic that may be reused.  From design to conception, lamps are delivered in less than a month.  Albert Heijin is able to change the shapes and colours of their decorative pendant lamps often without creating any waste, thanks to the sustainable material of the lamps.

Choosing a Customised Lighting Partner

Before opting to customise a lighting fixture, be sure you are working with a trustworthy supplier that has explored ALL viable options on the market.  Choosing a supplier with a large partnership network, along with technical procurement skills, will ensure that you have covered all your bases before choosing to customise a lighting fixture.

Selecting a customisation partner that can turn your idea into a reality can be challenging.  It is important to work with a team that has experience in all levels of customisation and a technical understanding of the design process. By selecting a partner who has experience in collaborating on customised lighting fixtures, you will feel much better about the management of the entire project.

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