ERCO Offers Six Different LED Spectra For Its Products

Colour Temperature Erco

The colour temperature of a luminaire defines whether the white tone of its light has a neutral character, tends towards bluish cool or else is reddish warm. This fundamental quality of light is a major influence in how we perceive rooms and objects. As with colour rendering, it results from the spectral properties of the LEDs used. At ERCO, six different white light spectra with colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K are now available. This gives users the security of being able to use the parameters of light colour and colour rendering to design creatively, accurately and with consistency.

When it comes to selecting the right light colour for a particular room situation, lighting designers and users can confidently rely on their intuition. We usually prefer warm-toned light whenever comfort and relaxation are important: in restaurants, hotel lounges and living spaces for example. Where on the other hand light should stimulate, e.g. at places of work or in buildings for circulation, neutral white or even daylight-like, slightly bluish light is frequently used. 

Wherever the focus is on the accurate evaluation and differentiation of the colours of objects, for example in museums or in the fashion and textile trade, the quality of the colour rendering becomes important along with the right light colour: the colour rendering index Ra specifies how nuanced and natural object colours are displayed in comparison with a corresponding reference light source.

So that the spotlight matches the downlight

Independently of whether lighting designers aim to work with a consistent light colour matched to the use, atmosphere and materials of their project or whether they deliberately use contrasting light colours in a single room situation: they need luminaires with a practice-oriented selection of defined light spectra for the purpose.


The lighting design process becomes simpler and more reliable if a manufacturer like ERCO, which offers a comprehensive range of luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications, relies on a logical and consistent system in terms of light spectra. ERCO now provides six defined light spectra for all luminaires with High-power LEDs to ensure for example that a warm-white spotlight ideally matches a warm-white downlight, or that the neutral white of path lighting is precisely continued in the atrium of a building. With colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K these optimally meet the requirements of typical applications. Strictly selected LED components minimise deviations in colour consistency across all product groups and ensure colour constancy across the service life of the luminaire.

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