Industrial Lighting Solutions

oil and gas lighting solutions

Safer – More sustainable , Smarter – More Productivity

To remain strong and sustainable in industry, one needs to scrutinize costs across every process. Lighting bill can account for a substantial portion in an industrial space. So an efficient, flexible and cost-effective LED lighting system can have an enormous impact on business profitability.

Enhance Safety

  • Comply with local code of practice on international lighting standards
  • Ensure a well-lit and glare controlled work area
  • Promote employee well-being with high-quality LED lighting

Optimise Operations

  • Future-proof the work place with easy re-grouping without changing the lighting fixtures
  • Incorporate smart features such as daylight harvesting or circadian lighting for improved productivity
  • Plan outage and maintenance to reduce disruption and downtime

Improve sustainability

  • Marginally less carbon footprint
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your business
  • Compliance with international and national environmental regulations
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