Muuto Ambit Pendant Lamp in a New Size & Colour

muuto ambit pendant blue

Introducing the Ambit Pendant Lamp in a New Centrepiece Size & Light Blue Colour

Embodying the values of Scandinavian design, the Ambit Pendant Lamp is as timeless as it is contemporary. Made of hand-spun aluminium that has been hand-painted, the Ambit Pendant Lamp features clean lines and a white interior that heightens the contrast of its outside shade while enhancing the light emitted in any room.

Now, the archetypal design is introduced in a new, grander size of Ø55 cm / Ø21,6″, expanding the possibilities of the design through its larger cupola-like shape that can act as a centrepiece within a space, gather people underneath its enveloping lampshade and create direction through its elegant light.

Alongside the new size is a Light Blue colour that will be available across all sizes of the Ambit Pendant Lamp, bringing a vibrant perspective to its subtle form while allowing for it to complement a multitude of settings.

About the Ambit Pendant Lamp by TAF Studio

“What defines our attraction to shapes? With the Ambit Pendant Lamp, we wanted to explore form and proportions in a thorough and meticulous way. We discovered a unique dynamic between linear and rounded shapes that gives the lamp its unique outline, making the Ambit Pendant Lamp a timeless design that you’ll never grow tired of while its handspun aluminium material and contrasting white inner makes for an elegant touch.”
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