Introducing Brand Partner ModuleX

new brand modulex
ModuleX joins Light Journey as a trusted brand partner, providing a collection of architectural lighting products to the team of LKHGC lighting specialists. With a professional history that dates back over 100+ years, ModuleX has evolved from being a simple manufacturer of lights, to providing full lighting systems for clients in the hospitality, retail, office, public, and residential industries. The partnership with Light Journey was established to increase presence in the Southeast Asia region, in addition to their already established presence in Japan and the UK.

ModuleX classifies their lighting systems based on human psychology and purpose of the space. Applying stage lighting techniques, all fixtures in a lighting system are precisely defined depending on their roles. By combining elements of architectural lighting solutions and human-centric lighting concepts, resulting spaces range from moody, warm and relaxing, to highly productive work spaces.

Ordinary light is just an electrical device. But “lighting” is not the same.

Lighting is not just a medium that provides brightness – when it is correctly applied, it can produce feelings, raise the value of a space, and create irreplaceable experiences. ModuleX lighting comes with “functions” that can increase the value of space and environment and “effects” that bring about comfort and sophistication. As an “optimal integrated solution” generated by combining “hardware technology (equipment technology)” and “software (lighting design technique)” ModuleX lighting system aim to serve the needs of each individual client.

Technical Lighting Fixtures MUSEUM

MUSEUM is a line of ModuleX’s flagship products using the finest optical control technique. Glare control prevents intervening the details of buildings and atmosphere, and energy efficiency have been realised through refined reflectors. It also offers diverse effects with the use of filter lighting®.

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