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The name of Parscan has stood for outstanding quality of light and a purist form of elegance for almost 20 years. With 6 sizes, starting with XS-M, 12 interchangeable distributions, filters, tunable white and RGBW as well as digital connectivity, the new generation now offers even more Parscan. Customise your spotlight to the fullest extent. 


More effectiveness
The new Parscan brings more light to the target surface

More flexibility
Maximum system diversity with more distributions, spectra and accessories

More digitality
Modern connectivity and interchangeable plug-on controls

24 LED Spectra and more with conversion filters

Tunable white: Dynamically adjust light colour

RGBW luminaires for coloured lighting design

12 Distributions for Perfect Displays  

  • From narrow spot to wallwash, select your light distribution and simply change lens on site. 
  • Adjustable contour spotlights and zoom spotlights available.
  • Plug and Play: change lens units without  tools.
  • Accessories: modulate distributions with lenses such as soft focus or sculpture lens. 



Narrow Spot


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