Lighting for Residential Spaces


Creating a space in which we dwell in deserves our attention, as it depicts our attitude towards life style and also provides a resting place away from our daily workload. We want to feel cozy at home with family members and friends.
Light comes out or suspends from the ceiling, hangs on the wall, placed on the table or floor. Combination of ambient with accent lighting and direct with indirect lighting will lend character to a private residence. General lighting provides overall brightness but more importantly, vertical illumination achieves an expansive spatial impression and determines our perception of brightness.

Quality of light is quality of life

  • Ensure light source has a high rendition feature so that our food looks appetising, and we can judge the appearance and skin tone correctly
  • Adopt luminaires with warm tone to enhance the character of the living space

Using light to show personality

  • Creating pockets or islands of light for each function plays a more important role in private residence than standard ambient lighting as it can underline the individual character of a living space.
  • Highlight objects of importance with dedicated lighting distribution and brightness contrast.
  • Provide scenes/moods setting thru dimmers to serve different purpose.
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