Ascoli | Lighting Collection

The Ascoli collection combines minimal, clean lines along with basic rules of geometry to create a sense of purity, with its function guiding the design. Available in matt black, textured white, matt nickel, or bronze. 

Product Details:

The collection includes mounted ceiling lights, wall mounted lights, reading lamps, fixed bar lamps (2, 3, 4, 5 configurations), a desk lamp, floor lamp, and track lighting system. 
- Ascoli Single
- Ascoli Recessed
Ascoli Track Spot
- Ascoli Twin
- Ascoli Swing
Ascoli Desk
Ascoli Floor
Ascoli Single Switched
Ascoli Triple Bar 
Ascoli Four Bar
Ascoli Triple Round
- Ascoli Five Bar
Ascoli Twin Recessed
Ascoli Flush Fire-Rated

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