Shophouse Lounge

If you are lucky enough to get an invitation to this private lounge located in the penthouse of a heritage shophouse, you will first step into handcrafted Moroccan style Tadelakt plaster hallway. Cave-like yet cool to the touch, the material choice complements Singapore's warm climate and is similar to what you can find in Turkish Baths. As you continue forward, a courtyard boasting a three-story living plant wall is nurtured by specialised grow lights to maintains optimal plant health. Progressing into the main space, a carefully curated entertainment area unfolds. Our team provided lighting products that accentuate the owner's refined taste, showcasing artwork from the African continent in muted hues. The focal point of the room is a breathtaking honey onyx backlit wall, serving a dual purpose as both a stunning display and a storage unit for alcohol. The space offers a full sensory experience that harmonises with the impeccable taste of the owner.



Lighting Design

Studio Nimmersatt