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Coelux New Products

Coelux is the pioneer of bringing artificial skylight, indoors.  By harnessing the sun and sky through their unique technologies, Coelux has created a truly accurate artificial skylight system that mimics an infinite blue sky.  

New Collection

Coelux introduces two new products to the range, the Coelux HT 25 Mini and the Coelux Skyline.   Both are smaller units, requiring less ceiling clearance and a smaller size than previous products.  This gives way to many new design opportunities to install multiple Coelux for a truly panoramic experiential lighting scheme.   

Coelux HT25 Mini 

The Coelux HT25 Mini is a smaller version of the Coelux HT system.  Created to suit to small to medium sized residential spaces, the Coelux HT25 mini offers specifications that are able to fit smaller spaces.   Providing a beam of natural accent light to any room, there are many opportunities to explore.  Layer multiple units to create a small grid of blue skies, or even wall mounting the Coelux HT25 units to mimic a window peering out into the open sky.  


Coelux HT 25 Mini

Coelux Sky Line 

The Coelux Sky Line is an original product that diffuses natural lighting into the room through a linear wall washer.  The resulting effect is akin sun light peeping through a window.  Intended to be used alongside other Coelux products to balance the amount of natural light in the room.  Similar to the HT25 mini, the Coelux Sky Line requires less ceiling clearance than previous units, and may be an ideal solution for smaller spaces. 


Coelux Sky Line

Introducing Coelux SmartSky

Bring all the natural benefits of daylight, indoors.  Coelux Smartsky is an innovative technology that introduces chromatic tunability into Coelux products, accurately reproducing the colour temperature and light intensify of the sky at different times of day.  The benefits of natural skylight affect a range of human functions, including productivity and perceived comfort.  

Coelux Smart Sky

Coelux SmartSky is available for models Coelux HT25, Coelux HT25 Mini, and Coelux Skyline.  

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