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The TIM collection by BOMMA is named after legendary director, Tim Burton. A unique opportunity presented itself when Prague hosted an experiential Tim Burton exhibition featuring his original creations.  Organisers engaged artisans at BOMMA to conceptualise, design, and produce a glass dome to display puppets and sculptures for both protective and viewing purposes. The design specifications required absolute clarity and a larger than usual shape for housing the items. 

It was here BOMMA got their unlikely start as a lighting designer, realising these large domes could be flipped upside down and fitted with a light fixture. Prior to the exhibition, BOMMA had started as a glassblowing house producing homewares and accessories.  The TIM by BOMMA would ultimately go on to become one of BOMMA's top-selling pieces, and the debut piece in their lighting design collection. 

The BOMMA Glassmaking Legacy 

The TIM collection is a testament to the extreme skill and precision executed by BOMMA artisans and technology.  The simple shape is deceivingly challenging to create, as it requires precise control and a high-tech purification process to achieve clarity.   BOMMA pushes the limits of what can be achieved through free-form mouth blowing glass and continues to makes technological advances in the world of Bohemian crystal. 

Available in 3 Versatile Sizes 

The TIM  by BOMMA pendant is available in 3 sizes, 2 colours, and 3 colour fitting options.  Selections may be layered in a cluster or hung alone as a statement pendant lamp.  Every piece is an original mouth blown work of art, and may contain small irregularities in colour and texture. 

Private Residence | Mykonos, GREECE 

 Mjolk Janosik Showroom | Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC 

Art Gallery | Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC 

Mila Restaurant | Miami, USA

Interested in specifying the BOMMA Tim collection for your next project? 

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