Lighting for a Cultural Space

Museum lighting

The role of museums is evolving – in addition to fulfilling their traditional role of collecting, conserving, researching and exhibiting artistic collections, they are becoming visitor-driven, community-oriented destinations. To keep up with the dynamics of various exhibition types, flexible lighting systems can help to create a differentiating experience and attracting a new generation of museum visitors, thus elevating the exhibition space to become qualitative cultural brands.

Optimise Operations

  • Prolong re-lamping frequency with the adoption of quality light source 
  • Consider lighting system with deployment flexibility in anticipation of changes in exhibition and last minute lighting adjustments
  • Improve ease of use with wireless control that allows curators to adjust lighting level with handheld devices

Enhance experience

  • Preserve the authenticity of the artwork with LED system that closely renders their true color, even when dimmed
  • Provide visual contrasts that attracts attention and evoke emotions of the visitors
  • Create captivating experiences with customizable lighting solutions

Art Preservation

  • Protect artwork with LED system that emits no harmful ultraviolet or infra red rays
  • Tell the right story of the artwork with individually tuned lighting spectrum
  • Meet international criteria for art conservation with uniform LED light
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