Lighting for a Public Space

airport lighting

Enhance experience with safe and comfort illumination

Public places and façades shape the face of a city at night with their illumination. An increasing number of the leading cities are making efforts to create inspiring visual experience by lighting up key landmarks. Utilizing remote programming and management software, innovative lighting concepts can be flexibly created and adjusted to transform a city’s appearance.

Optimised Operation

  • Eliminating or minimizing downtime with round the clock cloud-based monitoring
  • Change and playback scenographic light shows remotely during time of festive and special occasions
  • Edit content flexibly from a mobile device or tablet 

Enhance Experience

  • Create visual delights of cityscape via dynamic architectural luminaries
  • Feature important landmarks using high intensity adjustable projectors
  • Using light as a visual tool to engage people.

Branding for city

  • Build a unique branding thru the light story of the city to promote tourism
  • Utilizing landmark lighting to stir up nationalistic pride.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere to encourage business investment and commerce
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