Lighting for Hospitality Space


Creating a unique and captivating experience for every guest is critically linked to customer loyalty. Likewise the attention to operating expenses and sustainable solutions is important to business profitability. Light determines the underlying ambience in a space. Whether it’s accentuated or uniform, intimately warm or dynamically cool, it can be creatively used to provide a scenic setting for any hospitality concept, thus allowing you to welcome, guide, and entertain every visitor who walks through the door.

Reception and Lobby
Guest Rooms
Restaurants, Lounges
Conference Room
Outdoor Areas

Mesmerised by Hospitality Illumination


  • First impression is already formed before the guest even reach the main entrance. Captivating lighting concept can be a warm gesture of inviting them to enter.
  • Bring the brand identity to life though unique and beautiful lighting concept
Hospitality Lighting can be used to welcome people
Hospitality Lighting can create atmosphere

Creating atmosphere

  • Scenographic light in hospitality space can provide the customers with an experience that triggers all their senses
  • Promote relaxation by allowing guests to immense in a space which can leave behind the stresses of the day

Maximize operations

  • Reduce energy consumption with LED light source of excellent luminous efficacy and lifespan
  • Monitor, control and maintain multiple assets from a centralized location via smart lighting software
Hospitality Lighting can be used to maximize operations

Hospitality Lighting Ideas

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Vapiano Restaurant - Hospitality Lighting ideas

©Targetti,, photography: Jordane Bodin

Project: Vapiano Restaurant

The Warehouse Hotel in Singapore

©Astro Lighting,, photography: Christopher O’Grady

Project: The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore

Clubrooms in Birmingham Airport - Hospitality Ideas

©bomma,, photography: Perry Graham

Project: Clubrooms in Birmingham Airport

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark"

 – Jay Danzie

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