Lighting for Public Space


While the lighting used in people’s houses is customised to create an intimate, cosy and personal vibe, the objective is quite different in case of lighting in public places – traditionally characterised by its static, impersonal and generic nature. When there is no natural light, artificial lighting is the best option to provide proper and adequate illumination for the public space. Here below are some of the major concerns at any public or community area, be it at the park, the street or the plaza.

Identification of faces
Welcome visitors
Promote communication

Enhance experience with safe and comfort illumination

Optimised Operation

A singular remote control system allows you to enjoy a great illumination scheme and facilitates energy resilience and efficiency. Using robust illumination options that are also weather resistant can remove hassle from maintenance: 

Enhance Experience

  • Good orientation is directly proportional to a security guarantee
  • Draw the beholder’s eye to elements of beauty
  • Create an atmosphere like a pro
  • Go the decorative route

Optimised Cost

  • Lesser energy consumption
  • Reduce and manage your energy us
  • Be wise when it comes to your operational costs

"85% of people polled stated that the quality of public space has a direct imparct upon their lives and the way they feel"

– Seen & Heard Demos November 2007

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