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Press release ERCO: Light accents – efficient, discreet and to the point

Press Release ERCO

Light accents – efficient, discreet and to the point

The new Pinhole directional spotlights occupy a special position in ERCO’s extensive Quintessence recessed luminaire system. Specifically for retail applications, they are ideal for precise, eye-catching accent lighting – and the extremely discreet appearance of the recessed luminaires with their perforated shield creates an almost magical effect. In addition to high-power LEDs, COB (Chip-on-Board) LED technology is also used in the Pinhole directional spotlights. This provides light colours suitably matched to each sector of the retail industry.


ERCO quintessence Pinhole directional spotlights

It can’t be avoided: if an object is raised out of its surroundings by a powerful lighting accent, when it radiates and sparkles as brilliantly as possible, it inevitably attracts our gaze and attention. This is an “anthropological constant” that makes use of perception-oriented lighting in retail to display goods in an attractive way. This effect is stronger the better the light source remains concealed – and the better its spectrum emphasises the colours and properties of the specific object. This is precisely where the strengths of ERCO’s new


Introducing Brand Partner, ModuleX

Introducing Brand Partner, ModuleX

ModuleX joins Light Journey as a trusted brand partner, providing a collection of architectural lighting products to the team of LKHGC lighting specialists